AlphaGroup supports the fight to end period poverty

April 22, 2022

Period poverty is the inability to access menstrual hygiene products due to financial hardship. While sanitary products such as pads and tampons are a basic need for menstruating individuals, they are not covered by federal assistance programs such as SNAP. In fact, in many states, they are taxed as luxury items. Period poverty is widespread in the United States—two of every five people with periods struggle to purchase period products during their lifetime. In addition, more than one-third of low-income people with periods have missed work or school because they weren’t able to access menstrual hygiene products. This issue disproportionately affects people of color.

Madison Rosandich and Chelsea Corradetti dropping off AlphaGroup’s donations at The SPOT Period.

During March’s observance of Women’s History Month, AlphaGroup joined the fight against period poverty. Through a Period Products and Fundraising Drive, we supported two organizations doing important work to combat this issue: the SPOT Period and the Alliance for Period Supplies. The SPOT Period is the nation’s first menstrual hub. Located in Philadelphia, the SPOT Period is a safe space for marginalized women and girls to access menstrual hygiene care and educational resources. The Alliance for Period Supplies is a network of independently operated nonprofits that collect and distribute period supplies to communities in need throughout the country. Through raising awareness, supporting independent organizations, and advocating for legislative change, the Alliance for Period Supplies is working to address period poverty at its core.

AlphaGroup collected a total of 71 packages of period products including pads, tampons, liners, sanitary wipes, and menstrual cups. We donated these supplies to the SPOT Period to support their work in providing access to menstrual hygiene products to people in need in the Philadelphia area. In addition, AlphaGroup raised $421 in monetary donations for the Alliance for Period Supplies. AlphaGroup’s combined contributions from the monthlong fundraising drive totaled $1,129.33. We thank our employees for their generosity and support!

AlphaGroup collected a total of 71 packages of period products including pads, tampons, liners, sanitary wipes, and menstrual cups.


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